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Government agencies strive to streamline and improve their IT infrastructures. Gone are the days when "We'll just buy more hardware" applies. Existing resources must work more efficiently. So ask yourself:

  • What if you could deploy a single virtual appliance that transforms the unused capacity in a data center into high performance computing?
  • What if you could deliver HPC without the need for additional "big iron," at a fraction of the typical cost?

You can — with the Frontier® Grid Platform from Parabon. Together we can create powerful enterprise solutions for the government sector.

  • Stand out from the crowd. Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform is differentiating technology. A solution built on Frontier allows any agency to accomplish more within its budget.
  • Deliver a proven service. Frontier is the first and only Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) grid platform that has been certified and accredited for deployments within the U.S. DoD and IC. It lets integrators deliver value-added solutions without the time and cost of building a grid from scratch. (Or attempting to — it's not easy!)
  • Be supported by a team of experts. We live and breathe grid services. Our hard-earned expertise ensures that your team receives the best technical advice available.
  • Choose our online utility service or your enterprise grid. Access thousands of computers worldwide via the Parabon Computation Grid, or privately harness the excess capacity of an existing enterprise. Either way is secure.
  • Seize small business subcontracting opportunities. Team up with Parabon to capture designated small-business opportunities that are otherwise out of reach.

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Frontier Virtual Appliances can aggregate an entire data center's excess capacity and deliver it as high performance Computation on Demand®. Learn how.

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Many firms naively assume they can quickly and easily build a robust and secure grid from scratch using open source solutions; but it's only after they've sunk many man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the effort before they realize they were wrong." Antony Davies, PhD, Economics Professor, Duquesne University