Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform:
The Grid that Government Trusts

Compute Outside the Box®

Are you facing data-heavy, compute-intensive or distributed command and control problems?

Whether your mission is intelligence, defense, space science research, or one of the many other applicable domain areas, Parabon® offers the most cost effective and efficient way to meet these challenges.

Many government organizations have turned to Parabon for solutions to help them satisfy their mission objectives, while adhering to government initiatives for transparency, accuracy, security, and timeliness. Organizations using Parabon's Frontier® Grid Platform experience a dramatic increase in the ROI of their enterprise or cloud infrastructure.  At the same time, their decision-making capabilities increase dramatically, simply because of the improved productivity and depth of analysis that become available as they transform their existing IT infrastructure into a high-performance computation (HPC) on-demand service.

The Latest:  Frontier 5: The Nexus of Grid & Cloud Computing: Webcast with Live Demos!

A turnkey grid system, Frontier Enterprise can be fully deployed in a single afternoon and comes with everything you need to begin running grid-based applications right away. Highly secure and unobtrusive, Frontier is used to manage grids from small to large, on anything from laptops to mainframes using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, without affecting normal enterprise operations. On average, enterprise servers and desktops use only 10% of their capacity. Utilization of data centers, even when fully virtualized, is only slightly higher. Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform is a software solution that securely and unobtrusively harnesses the remaining 90% and delivers it as an on-demand, HPC service.

  • Increase the ROI of Your Enterprise Infrastructure. Frontier allows your organization to accomplish more within your budget by using existing IT resources more efficiently.  Frontier:
    • Creates a robust, extreme-scale utility computing service at <5% the cost of HPC hardware.
    • Eliminates the need to procure and manage additional hardware.
    • Supports integration and execution of legacy applications.
  • Scale Across Your Organization. Highly secure and unobtrusive, Frontier is used to manage grids ranging from small lab deployments to large enterprise-wide networks comprised of 10,000+ computers, from laptops to mainframes, without affecting normal enterprise operations. 
  • Accelerate Your Mission.  Frontier increases efficiency by reducing current processing times by 1,000x or more. Whereas dedicated hardware depreciates in value at the rate of Moore's Law, Frontier grids accelerate through time as infrastructure is regularly upgraded through normal "tech refresh" cycles.
  • Choose a Proven COTS Solution. Frontier is a mature, tested, and reliable turnkey software solution. You can easily install and deploy Frontier Enterprise in your data center or on a private network, and get your apps running in an afternoon. Instant result: on-demand supercomputing capacity.
  • Rely on Our Unmatched Security Model. Frontier's rock solid security is able to meet your agency's needs, both within the enterprise and in the field. Built from the ground up with the most advanced mobile code security capabilities, Frontier has safeguards for both providers and users. It's the most secure grid computing platform on the market. We have deployments within the DoD, the IC, and NASA, to name a few.
  • Trust an American-Owned and Operated Business. All Parabon software products have been developed in the United States by U.S. citizens.

Whether you're providing decision support analysis for the war fighter, discovering clean energy solutions, streamlining a data center, or solving other extreme-scale problems to help the U.S. maintain leadership, the Frontier Enterprise Grid delivers virtually unlimited HPC capacity.

Learn more about Frontier Enterprise and how it provides the most secure environment for government organizations needing grid computing.

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