Parabon's Public Sector Clients

Compute Outside the Box®

These government organizations have turned to Parabon for solutions to satisfy their mission objectives.

Department of Defense: Deploying the Frontier Grid Platform on 10,000 computers within DoD's Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA). DCMA plans to use Parabon Crush, a distributed statistical modeling application, to run financial forecasting models on 300,000 active contracts.
U.S. Intelligence Agency: Parabon is currently working with a U.S. intelligence agency on a massive Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) problem.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Created the Origin Evolutionary SDK, the only commercially available suite of EC algorithms implemented for execution across a large-scale computational grid.

Deploying Frontier across NASA's Nebula Cloud to enable the processing of data-heavy climatology simulations using 5,000 nodes across NASA's internal IT infrastructure.

Building a Modeling & Simulation as a Service (M&SaaS) collaboration capability NASA users can access via a Web browser.
Department of Justice: Created a Frontier-enabled decryption service powered by thousands of computers, that will allow law enforcement personnel throughout the country to upload and decrypt files. (Partner: AccessData®)

National Science Foundation: Creating a Frontier-powered cellular, satellite, and wireless broadband system simulation service for the telecommunications industry. (Partner: WVU)
United States Geological Survey: Used Parabon Crush atop Frontier for geospatial statistical modeling to predict West Nile virus outbreaks in birds.

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