Who uses Frontier?
Commercial Enterprises

Let the benefits of Frontier
go right to your bottom line.

Whether you're a user of HPC or internal cloud resources or in charge of their operation, you have a big responsibility. Not only to be productive, but also to keep an eye on the budget.

Why buy expensive equipment when the excess capacity of your existing IT infrastructure goes unused? Frontier® Enterprise can instantly transform your desktops, workstations, and clusters into powerful grid services. It's Computation on Demand® within your enterprise.

  • Moore's Law is on your side. While yesterday's HPC purchase hyper-depreciates at a rate equal to Moore's Law, your Frontier Enterprise grid continually increases in capacity with your regular hardware upgrades.
  • Fast integration of existing apps. With Frontier Rapids, an easy-to-use integration and execution environment, you'll have your apps running on Frontier in a snap, often without writing a single new line of code.
  • Unobtrusive and secure. Perfected since 2000, the Frontier Compute Engine harnesses the excess capacity of your computing resources with no impact on normal operations. Thanks to secure sandbox technology, your computers are completely insulated from the grid tasks they execute.
  • Ready virtualization support. Frontier Enterprise can be deployed as a drop-in set of virtual appliances, maximizing the capacity of your virtualized data center.
  • Hands-off administration. Frontier's robustness makes short work of grid administration. The Frontier Dashboard, an elegant browser interface, lets you monitor grid resources across your organization.
  • Cross-platform. Frontier supports most common computing platforms and is engineered to easily adapt to others. If your platform of choice is not currently supported, contact us about adding it to the list.
  • Instant access to our online grid utility service. Frontier Enterprise will likely provide all the capacity you need. But the Parabon Computation Grid, our online solution, is always available if you ever need supplemental capacity.

How are others putting Frontier to work?

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Bonus: DRCOP compliance

With extra capacity always available online, Frontier Enterprise meets Disaster Recovery and Continuance of Operations (DRCOP) compliance requirements.

It may take decades for companies to abandon their proprietary supply operations and all the investments they represent. But in the end the savings offered by utilities become too compelling to resist, even for the largest enterprises. The grid wins."Nicholas Carr, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google