What It's Used For

Why Frontier? Because nano-scale science requires extreme-scale computation.

Nanotechnology involves multidisciplinary knowledge, from particle physics and molecular dynamics to computer science and chemistry. In any discipline, modeling and simulating nano-scale systems is essential to progress in the field. Whether you're simulating C60 surface interactions or predicting the order of heteroepitaxial quantum dots, extreme-scale computation is a must.

Because computational limitations and the lack of effective design tools were hampering the creation of self-assembling DNA-based nanostructures, Parabon created the inSēquio Design Studio. This Frontier-powered application has hyper-accelerated the engineering cycle for producing nanostructures from synthetic DNA.

Looking for a high-performance computing (HPC) partner to help solve your nanotechnology problem? Consider Parabon for:

  • Our Frontier Grid Platform for empowering large-scale computations.
  • Nanotechnology experience, thanks to inSēquio.
  • A track record of helping researchers solve a wide range of computationally intense problems - see our case studies.
  • To learn more about how Parabon can partner with you to accelerate your research, contact us.

Case Studies

Did You Know

The NSF estimates the market for nanotechnology products and services will reach $1 trillion by 2015. If you have computationally intensive problems in the field of nanotechnology, Parabon can help! Learn how Parabon created an AutoCad-like application for DNA structure designers.