What It's Used For
Modeling, Simulation & Optimization

"What if?" is a pretty lame question when you could be asking "What's best?"
Get more out of your model or simulation by running it across Frontier.

You've done the hard part. You have a model or simulator that captures the essential behavior of a complex system, process, engagement or phenomenon. It provides your customers a lens through which they can see the possibilities.

What they really want is a crystal ball.

Don't run just one scenario. With Frontier, you can run thousands or millions, allowing you to:

  • Optimize simulation variables to determine what's best
  • Conduct parameter studies to see what's possible
  • Apply resampling (bootstrap) methods to assess validity
  • Perform perturbation analysis to understand stability
  • Compute trajectories to spot trends and critical points

Ready to realize the full potential of your model or simulation? Discover what's possible when you run it on Frontier.

Case Studies

Frontier enables us to approach modeling problems in ways that would otherwise not be feasible." Michael C., Ecosystem Simulation Researcher