What It's Used For
Financial Forecasting

Thinking about buying a Linux cluster? Save your money. Use Frontier.

Nowhere is computational speed more important than on Wall Street, where seconds can mean millions of dollars gained or lost.

Buying high-performance computing (HPC) hardware is no longer the answer. Why put up with the capital cost, hyper-depreciation, underutilization, and increased power/space/cooling issues? Your competitors have found a better way to get fast, affordable computational capacity-and so can you.

Simply install the enterprise version of our Frontier® Grid Platform on your existing infrastructure. You'll tap the excess capacity of servers, desktops, even VMs, and get instant HPC capacity with no hardware hassles. With Frontier you can:

Parabon truly understands the computational demands of the financial world. In fact, it was the need for computation in this field that inspired the creation of Parabon. We've made sure that once you've installed Frontier, it's easy to scale new or existing applications.

Case Studies

Using Frontier Rapids, Parabon took our existing Monte Carlo simulation and without changing a line of its code, adapted it for extreme-scale execution on Frontier in just under a week." Michael Ericson, Senior Systems Engineer, Bear Stearns Asset Management

Improve your ROI

Improve the ROI of your existing IT infrastructure with Frontier Enterprise

No Hardware

Instead of a Linux cluster or some other high-performance solution, get more computation for less money with Frontier