What It's Used For

There's no faster way to crack codes than on Frontier.

The continuous development of ever stronger encryption algorithms has forced law enforcement and intelligence professionals into a computational arms race. And, corporations needing to conduct digital security inspections or retrieve lost passwords face the same mounting challenge. Even using the most sophisticated decryption methods, the need for massive computation cannot be escaped - which is why more and more decryption ISVs and Federal agencies are adopting Frontier as their "weapon of choice."

In addition to its ability to help agencies scale in-house decryption or steganographic algorithms with Frontier, Parabon has also teamed with some of the best commercial "code crackers" to produce turnkey enterprise grids that perform decryption on thousands of computers across an entire organization (see our Distributed Network Attack® with Frontier® case study).

There's no better way to marshal computational resources for large-scale brute force decryption attacks. Contact us to learn how Frontier can transform your existing infrastructure into a code cracking powerhouse.

Case Studies