What It's Used For
Data Mining

Dig deeper. Discover more. Frontier empowers your large-scale computations.

Your organization is sitting on a gold mine: data sets with invaluable nuggets of knowledge. If only you had a powerful yet affordable way to perform deep analysis to find them.

In fact, you do. Parabon's Frontier® Grid Platform gives you three ways to dig deeper:

Whether powered by the online Parabon Computation Grid or your own Frontier Enterprise Grid, Frontier gives you instant access to the high-performance Computation on Demand® you need to uncover the hidden value in your data. With Frontier you can:

  • Perform truly deep data mining.
  • Speed search processes.
  • Explore vast combinatorial spaces.
  • Accelerate discovery.

Learn more about Parabon's OEM programs and how to start a grid-powered, on-demand business or service powered by Frontier.

Case Studies

Enable Your Apps

Have your own data mining application? Learn how to grid-enable it with Frontier Rapids.

Using Frontier

There are two ways to use Frontier. Via the Parabon Computation Grid and behind your private firewall using Frontier Enterprise.