Frontier® => Limitless Possibilities

Whatever Your Domain, it can help You Compute Outside the Box®

Whether it's used for data-heavy, compute-intensive, distributed command and control, or other applications, Parabon's Frontier® Grid Platform can help you solve your challenging computational problems faster and less expensively. Moreover, with Frontier's virtual machine management, you can programmatically instantiate and manage cloud services as well, making an entirely new class of web services possible. 

Frontier Uses: Modeling & Simulation and More

Users worldwide have already tapped the power of the Frontier Platform for:

Data-Heavy Applications

  • Data Mining. West Nile Virus analysis, mining clinical trial data, and more.
  • MapReduce. Frontier MapReduce integrates with the Hadoop Distributed Filesystem.
  • Data Fusion. Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) data processing on the grid.
  • Predictive Modeling. Parabon Crush runs as a Microsoft Excel Add-In.
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Eliminate data bottlenecks; move the processing to the data.

Compute-Intensive Processing

  • Modeling and Simulation (ModSim). Communication and network simulations, protein folding and more.
  • Evolutionary Optimization. Satellite antenna design, optimizing sensor placement, and more using the Origin Evolutionary SDK.
  • Sensor Placement Optimization. Use Parabon Watchman to determine the optimal placement of cameras using 3D scene data.
  • Decryption. Distributed Network Attack® with Frontier (DNA with Frontier) and more.
  • Bioinformatics. Large scale genomic sequence comparison and more.
  • Financial forecasting. Risk analysis, disaster recovery and continuance of operations (DRCOP) compliance and more.
  • Nanotechnology. Design DNA nano-structures using Parabon inSēquio and more.

Distributed Command and Control Systems

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Testing. Use Parabon Blitz to perform grid-based DDoS testing.
  • Cybersecurity Simulation. Analyze and track the spread of viruses and other malicious code in a secured environment.
  • Network Monitoring & Analysis. Measure and quantify real-time network performance and availability.

Other Uses

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See for yourself how customers have put Frontier to use -- in a wide variety of domains. Check out our Case Studies.

About to buy hardware?

Better think twice. Instead of a Linux cluster or some other high-performance solution, get more computation for less money with Frontier. Our utility grid supports individual computers and scheduling across multiple clusters.

Who Uses Frontier? (Widget)

Who Uses Frontier?

Grid Computing for Scientists & Researchers

"Frontier speeds discovery. Simulations finish in hours versus months, transforming the way we conduct research."

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Grid Computing for ISVs & Developers

"Getting my application to run on Frontier was easy! Frontier's computational power differentiates my products in the market."

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Grid Computing for Systems Integrators

"Frontier is a proven COTS solution. It's secure, easy to deploy and requires little administration."

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Grid Computing for Government Agencies

"Frontier Enterprise increased our HPC capability without impacting the power, space, and cooling issues in our data center."

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

"Frontier greatly improved the ROI of our existing IT infrastructure. It's a smart and cost-effective choice."

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With this technology, these computations can be sped up considerably allowing our team to analyze more complex data at a faster rate achieving success much more quickly. There is great promise that significant progress can be made in understanding the assembly of proteins and RNA with complex architectures." Dr. Devarajan "Dave" Thirumalai, University of Maryland