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Launched in 2000, the Parabon Computation Grid is the longest continuously running commercial grid in existence. Managed by our Frontier Grid Platform software, the Parabon Computation Grid is Parabon's extreme-scale on-demand computation utility service, comprised of servers and compute nodes worldwide.

Parabon's Frontier Grid Software Harnesses Idle Capacity from Computers Worldwide

  • No HardwareSM. The Parabon Computation Grid replaces expensive, hardware-centric "brick-and-mortar" sources of computation with an online, on-demand pay-as-you-go service.
  • Secure. Built from the ground up with the most advanced mobile code security capabilities, Frontier has safeguards for both providers and users. It's the most secure grid computing platform on the market.
  • Waste nothing. Computers are used intermittently; estimates put server and desktop utilization rates between 5 and 20%. The Parabon Computation Grid purchases this unused capacity worldwide on the Parabon Capacity Market, in order to provide our customers with HPC computational capacity as a scalable utility.
  • Think big. This incredible scalability means our computation utility can service larger jobs than any other utility on the planet.
  • Go green. Lastly, it is environmentally friendly. By making use of otherwise wasted capacity, Frontier helps offset the enormous carbon emissions generated by massive data centers.

Hardware vs. No HardwareSM 

Hardware No HardwareSM 
Clusters, server-farms, supercomputers Parabon Computation Grid
Capacity: fixed and limited Capacity: extremely scalable 
Usage: underutilized and  intermittent Usage: on-demand
Expense: hyper-depreciating capital expenditure  Expense: increases in value with normal hardware upgrades

1 Taurus - A Taxonomy of the Actual Utilization of Real UNIX and Windows Servers, David G Heap, Principal IT Consultant, IBM Enterprise Server Group, January 2003 (reprinted here: Grids: A Low Cost, High Speed Alternative to Traditional HPC, 2003, Grid Technology Partners).

About to buy hardware?

Better think twice. Instead of a Linux cluster or some other high-performance solution, get more computation for less money with Frontier. Our utility grid supports individual computers and scheduling across multiple clusters.

Academic Collaborations

Parabon is actively seeking collaborations with academic researchers. Learn more.

Who Uses Frontier? (Widget)

Who Uses Frontier?

Grid Computing for Scientists & Researchers

"Frontier speeds discovery. Simulations finish in hours versus months, transforming the way we conduct research."

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Grid Computing for ISVs & Developers

"Getting my application to run on Frontier was easy! Frontier's computational power differentiates my products in the market."

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Grid Computing for Systems Integrators

"Frontier is a proven COTS solution. It's secure, easy to deploy and requires little administration."

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Grid Computing for Government Agencies

"Frontier Enterprise increased our HPC capability without impacting the power, space, and cooling issues in our data center."

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

"Frontier greatly improved the ROI of our existing IT infrastructure. It's a smart and cost-effective choice."

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