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Frontier® Grid Platform

Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform provides extreme-scale grid computing capacity across a variety of application domains. Its core functionality is comprised of three major components: the Frontier Grid Server, the Frontier Compute Engine, and the Frontier Dashboard.

Frontier Enterprise Grid Server

Frontier Enterprise Grid Server (Docs, About)

The Frontier Enterprise server allows customers to manage their own private grids, powered by their existing IT infrastructure.

Frontier Compute Engine

Frontier Compute Engine (Download, Docs)

Parabon's desktop application that unobtrusively harnesses the excess capacity of a host computer for use on a Frontier Grid.

Frontier Dashboard™

Frontier Dashboard (About)

The Frontier Dashboard provides browser-based access to Grid Software as a Service applications.

Frontier-Powered Apps

Many of Parabon's Frontier-powered applications run in the Frontier Dashboard as Grid Software as a Service apps.

Parabon Watchman™ Sensor Placement Optimization

Parabon Watchman

Watchman uses Evolutionary Computation techniques and the power of the Frontier Grid Platform to optimize the placement of sensors for coverage over a user-specified area of interest, in an urban or rural environment, based on building and terrain data.

Parabon Crush™ Statistical Data Modeling

Parabon Crush

Crush applies the power of the Frontier Grid to discover optimal statistical models within high-dimensional datasets that are too computationally challenging for traditional approaches.

Parabon Blitz™ Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Testing

Parabon Blitz

Whether you need to conduct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber warfare Red Team exercises or perform extreme-scale load and performance testing on your website or SOA services, Parabon's Blitz Distributed Testing Service can generate all the network traffic you can stand — and then some.

InSēquio™ Design Studio

inSēquio Design Studio

inSēquio employs Opportunistic Evolution (OE) to evolve DNA sequences that will self-assemble into any specified design.

AccessData DNA® with Frontier

AccessData DNA® with Frontier

DNA with Frontier enables organizations to employ computers across their IT infrastructure — from desktops to dedicated HPC hardware — to decrypt over 70 different file types.

Frontier Developer Tools

Frontier Software Development Kit (SDK)

Frontier Software Development Kit (SDK)

A collection of software tools and libraries that enables you to create your own distributed, compute-intensive applications that run on the Frontier grid platform.

Frontier JumpStart™ Application Generator

Frontier JumpStart Application Generator

The JumpStart Grid Software as a Service Application Generator enables developers to very quickly stand up web-based, grid-powered applications and run them from within the Frontier Dashboard — in less than 10 minutes!

Origin™ Evolutionary SDK

Origin Evolutionary SDK

A Java-based toolkit for developing evolutionary computation applications on Frontier.

Frontier Rapids™ Integration and Execution Environment

Frontier Rapids

An integration and execution environment for rapidly deploying existing applications, often with no code changes.

Frontier IDE Plugin for Eclipse

Frontier IDE Plugin for Eclipse

Parabon's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) packaged as an Eclipse plug-in.

  • Eclipse Plug-In (HTML)

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Who Uses Frontier?

Grid Computing for Scientists & Researchers

"Frontier speeds discovery. Simulations finish in hours versus months, transforming the way we conduct research."

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Grid Computing for ISVs & Developers

"Getting my application to run on Frontier was easy! Frontier's computational power differentiates my products in the market."

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Grid Computing for Systems Integrators

"Frontier is a proven COTS solution. It's secure, easy to deploy and requires little administration."

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Grid Computing for Government Agencies

"Frontier Enterprise increased our HPC capability without impacting the power, space, and cooling issues in our data center."

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

"Frontier greatly improved the ROI of our existing IT infrastructure. It's a smart and cost-effective choice."

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