Parabon Watchman
Sensor Placement Optimization

Optimize sensor placement to cover as much area with as few cameras as possible, in urban environments or rocky terrain.

Watchman refines the placement of 10 sensors to maximize coverage (in red) of a San Jose city block.

Watchman uses Evolutionary Computation techniques and the power of the Frontier Grid Platform to optimize the placement of sensors for coverage over a user-specified area of interest, in an urban or rural environment, based on building and terrain data. It is an excellent example of several Frontier technologies. Watchman is a "mashup" of Frontier Grid Services and Google Maps, with 3D models provided by PLW Modelworks. It employs evolutionary algorithms from Parabon's Origin Evolutionary SDK. And, it runs as a Frontier Dashboard application, which is available from any computer with a web browser.

By performing line-of-sight analysis in a fully three-dimensional (3D) environment, Watchman can determine which areas of the environment are within the fields-of-view of one or more cameras or other sensors, and locate precisely where coverage "gaps" occur. Watchman then uses powerful search techniques based on Evolutionary Computation (EC), including a variety of Genetic Algorithms able to efficiently locate near-optimal solutions: the golden needles in a haystack of possibilities. In particular, Watchman employs EC techniques specifically adapted for use in a grid environment, such as opportunistic evolution, enabling the search to be carried out by dozens or hundreds of computers in parallel without wasting any time.

Thanks to the flexible nature of the algorithms underlying the Watchman technology, scenarios can be endlessly customized to fit specific needs. Complex and varied sensor models may be used, arbitrary environments and geographic regions may be utilized, rules governing sensor placement and target coverage can be tweaked and customized, goals such as target coverage may be enhanced in order to search for exactly the answers you need.

At the same time, since Watchman runs as a Frontier Dashboard application, with an easy-to-use interface, a user may invoke analyses and view results from any computer with a web browser, without requiring the installation of specialized software. And, like all Frontier applications, Watchman can take advantage of the computational resources within an organization on their own Frontier Enterprise Grid or run online on the Parabon Computation Grid. It's a powerful application and a powerful example of what is possible with Frontier.

Learn more about how Watchman can be used for physical security monitoring, such as border control.

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Learn more about how Watchman can be used for physical security monitoring, such as border control.