Distributed Network Attack with Frontier®
File & Password Decryption

Recover passwords and decrypt files swiftly and reliably by utilizing hundreds or even thousands of computers within your organization!

More Power to Decrypt and Recover Files

AccessData's® Distributed Network Attack® with Frontier (DNA with Frontier) is now available as a scalable enterprise solution! Powered by the Frontier Grid Platform, DNA with Frontier enables organizations to employ computers across their IT infrastructure — from desktops to dedicated HPC hardware — to decrypt over 70 different file types.

Ease of Use

DNA and Frontier have been integrated into a seamless enterprise solution that runs reliably and unobtrusively on most common OS and hardware platforms, delivering powerful decryption capability to multiple users. Simply install an instance of the DNA Server and deploy the DNA Worker software on any machine within the enterprise network. Then, with the DNA Supervisor, initiate and manage large-scale attacks — right from your desktop. Small portions of the key search are automatically assigned across the federation of DNA Workers, which employ the excess capacity of their host computers to execute individual sub-attacks. DNA with Frontier orchestrates the operation so smoothly, it feels like you're running it on a single host, but you'll know you're not because of the raw speed with which you will be able to decrypt otherwise intractably encrypted files.


  • Taps the power of hundreds or thousands of computers
  • Easy to read statistics and graphs
  • Add custom user dictionaries
  • Optimization for password attacks for specific languages
  • Stealth client installation functionality
  • Automatic upgrades of the DNA Worker
  • Designate groups of DNA Workers for specific types of attacks

Supported File Formats:

DNA with Frontier recovers and decrypts...

  • ARJ
  • MS Word and Excel (97 & 2000)
  • PDF 6 and below

Recovers passwords from...

  • MS Office XP
  • PGP Disk 4, 5, 6
  • Pkzip
  • RAR up to version 2.9 of WinRAR
  • Winzip
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Who Uses Frontier?

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

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