Parabon Blitz
Load & Performance Testing

Can your website WITHSTAND THE CAN?

Whether you need to conduct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber warfare Red Team exercises or perform extreme-scale load and performance testing on your website or SOA services, Parabon's new Blitz Distributed Testing Service can generate all the network traffic you can stand — and then some. It's like opening up a can of Cyber Whupp A** on your network target of choice.

Authentic DDoS Testing

Computerworld calls Blitz "a considerable improvement over current DDoS testing approaches," that generates traffic from a single source.  Testing at scale with distributed network assets is the only way to ensure you are well protected against what is arguably the most crippling type of cyberattack.

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Load & Performance Testing

Blitz can also be used for load and performance testing for heavily trafficked sites and services, which is essential for pre-production validation.

Custom Distributed Testing

Have custom distributed tests you need to have executed? Blitz has a pluggable framework that supports execution of virtually any kind of test script. With little effort, it can take existing tests and run them simultaneously from thousands of computers. Easily simulate 10,000 simultaneous e-commerce purchases or a highly synchronized tactical penetration strike — using custom scripts of your own design.

Available as an Enterprise Testing Solution

If you run Frontier Enterprise within your organization, you can use Blitz as a standalone browser-based application for internal testing, powered by idle capacity across your existing IT infrastructure. In either case, Blitz offers unbeatable price-performance because it avoids the costly hardware expenditures that are typically required for testing at scale.

Available via the Web

Alternatively, you can simply schedule the time, target and size of your test and we'll do the rest. Using the massive, distributed power of the Parabon Computation Grid, comprised of thousands of computers, Blitz will test your site and network to determine it's robustness to load or attack.


During a single Blitz test against our site, two issues were exposed - an infrastructure misconfiguration and a bug in the deployment of our code - but we were able to zero in and correct them just in time for an important demonstration. Without Blitz, it would have been extremely difficult to find and repair these problems before they made it into production and manifested under load." - John Casebolt, President and CTO, Jackpine Technologies