Frontier® Virtual Private Grid (VPG)
The Fastest Way to Harness the Power of Your Organization's
IT Infrastructure

Our Frontier servers and your organization's computers working in concert.

Frontier 5

A Frontier Virtual Private Grid (VPG) lets you harness and use the capacity within your enterprise without having to procure and install a Frontier Grid Server.  Simply deploy the Frontier Compute Engine on your computers and "outsource" the scheduling to us.  This configuration is ideal for small to mid-size deployments or short-term projects that could benefit from the aggregated capacity of your organization's computing resources.  A Frontier VPG deployment also allows you to augment your collective capacity with additional "burst" capacity on the Parabon Computation Grid. 

Frontier Virtual Private Grid (VPG)

A VPG configuration is ideal for budget-minded analysts, researchers and academics — anyone who wants to take advantage of their organizations' idle capacity quickly and affordably.

Frontier 5!
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About to buy hardware?

Better think twice. Instead of a Linux cluster or some other high-performance solution, get more computation for less money with Frontier. Our utility grid supports individual computers and scheduling across multiple clusters.