Frontier® in Your Datacenter
Harness the Excess Computing
Capacity Inside Your Datacenter

Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform software aggregates computational capacity of your datacenter and delivers it as a flexible and scalable utility, without impacting day-to-day business operations.

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Parabon's Frontier Enterprise grid software is a turn-key, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that includes everything your organization needs to deploy a Frontier grid within your datacenter. Frontier runs as a low-priority process that can take full advantage of dedicated resources or unobtrusively harness idle capacity on computers across the datacenter. In either case, it provides a high-powered computing service that is orthogonal to other workflows, making it a great complement to any datacenter environment.

  • Increase Your ROI. Organizations using Frontier experience a dramatic increase in the ROI of their datacenter. Frontier is a robust software suite, providing extreme-scale utility computing service that costs less than 5% of HPC hardware.

  • Accelerate Processing Speed. Frontier enables its users to reduce the time and cost required to complete data-heavy, compute-intensive, and distributed command and control calculations, by 1,000x or more! In addition, the processing speed of Frontier grids accelerate through time as datacenter infrastructure is regularly upgraded through normal "tech refresh" cycles.

  • Enjoy Cross-Platform Compatibility. Frontier runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems. In addition, the virtualization capabilities in Frontier allow users to instantiate, for example, Linux services on Windows infrastructure and encapsulate software dependencies, ensuring reliable, consistent behavior on any OS platform.

  • Select a Proven COTS Solution. Launched in 2000, Frontier is a mature, tested, and reliable turn-key software solution. Parabon's dedicated and experienced support team is available to answer all of your questions, and to help you get the most out of your Frontier grid.

  • Rely on Our Unmatched Security Model. Frontier is built from the ground up with the most advanced mobile code security capabilities. It has multiple layers of safeguards built-in for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availablity of both providers and users, making it the most secure grid computing platform on the market.

  • Deploy Quickly & Easily. Frontier can be deployed in 15 minutes. The Frontier Grid Server can be installed on one or multiple servers, depending on the size of your grid, and its browser-based management interface allows the Frontier Compute Engine to be downloaded to individual datacenter computers. Organizations that administer software centrally may choose to install the Frontier Compute Engine en masse using existing software configuration management (SCM) best-practices. Optionally, both applications can be deployed as virtual appliances, and are fully compatible with VMware® and Xen® hypervisors.

  • Access Everything in One Place. Frontier comes with the Frontier Dashboard, a convenient web interface that allows easy grid administration from any web browser — manage user accounts, monitor load and even configure settings on grid nodes — with the click of a button.

    Frontier also includes a rich suite of developer tools such as the Frontier SDK, the Frontier JumpStart application generator, and the Frontier Rapids Integration and Execution Environment.

  • Customize Frontier to Fit Your Needs. With Frontier, you are in complete control of your grid deployment. For example, the Frontier Compute Engine allows authorized users to control:

    • When the Frontier Compute Engine is permitted to perform work
    • The amount of RAM, disk space and proportion of CPU it may use
    • Whether it runs as a "stealth" service or user application
    • And so much more!

    Additionaly, the Frontier Grid Server allows administrators to:

    • Create user accounts
    • Assign the relative priority of users and their jobs
    • Apply upgrades across the entire grid
    • Control the amount of bandwidth consumed by individual applications
    • And so much more!

About to buy hardware?

Better think twice. Instead of a Linux cluster or some other high-performance solution, get more computation for less money with Frontier. Our utility grid supports individual computers and scheduling across multiple clusters.

What Frontier Is Used For

What It's Used For

Modeling & Simulation

Communication and Network Simulations

Frontier's power leads to significant scientific finding and fosters commercialization.

Protein Folding

Frontier accelerates discovery in the field of protein folding.

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Evolutionary Optimization

Satellite Antenna Design

NASA scientists partner with Parabon.

Optimizing Sensor Placement

Frontier powers an automated sensor placement optimization system.

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Distributed Network Attack® with Frontier

Leading computer forensics company partners with Parabon to expand product line.

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Large Scale Genomic Sequence Comparison

Read how the raw power of Frontier enables large genomic dataset comparisons.

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Data Mining

West Nile Virus Analysis

USGS evaluates ~8.6 billion linear combinations in less than 24 hours of computing time.

Mining Clinical Trial Data

Learn how a biopharmaceutical company used Frontier to mine clinical data.

Biostatistics in Oncology Research

Significant findings in the field of oncology research.


Hidden correlations could lead to customized chemotherapy treatments.

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Financial Forecasting

Risk Analysis in the Financial Sector

Financial firms use Frontier to analyze risk and meet DRCOP requirements.

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DNA Structure Design Optimization

Parabon creates DNA optimization application to aid leading researchers with DNA sequence design optimization.

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See for yourself how Frontier has been used in a wide variety of domains. Check out our Case Studies.