Parabon's Frontier® Grid Platform

So secure, reliable and easy-to-use, all you experience is power.

Frontier is a software solution that enables you to harness computational capacity on both dedicated and "idle" resources to run extreme-scale data-heavy, compute-intensive, and distributed command and control applications. It can be deployed within your enterprise or cloud, or as a virtual private grid. It can also be accessed online as a pay-per-use service.

Which Configuration is Right for You?

Which Configuration is Right for You?

Frontier in the Enterprise

Workstations & Desktops

Whether you want grid power within a lab or datacenter, or wish to turn your entire IT infrastructure into a secure private grid, Frontier Enterprise enables grid and cloud services within your existing network.

Frontier Enterprise is ideal for customers who want to get maximum return on their IT investments (ROI). And, it's easy-to-use: Our turn-key COTS solution can be deployed in as little as 15 mins! Watch the video.

Workstations & Desktops

Frontier unobtrusively harnesses the excess computing capacity of existing desktops and workstations across your enterprise to provide a high-performance computing grid for data-heavy, compute-intensive, and distributed command and control applications.

Frontier in the Dedicated Datacenter

Datacenter Servers

Are you consolidating servers through virtualization, or simply wanting to make better use of existing servers? In either case, you can deploy the Frontier Compute Engine natively on popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris, to get grid power while reserving the option of using the same machines for other purposes.

Datacenter Servers

Frontier can be deployed on existing servers to provide grid services without having to purchase and maintain costly dedicated cluster hardware.

Frontier Online

PCs on the Internet

Tap into (or become a part of) our online Parabon Computation Grid.

Pay as you go by purchasing computation "by the slice" in this first-of-its-kind online, brokered High-Performance Computing (HPC) utility service.

PSs on the Internet

Extreme-scale computation is available as an easy to use, pay-as-you-go utility service via our online Parabon Computation Grid.

Frontier as a Virtual Private Grid

Outsourced Server

Harness the computational capacity of your own enterprise, but leave the server management to us.

Our Virtual Private Grid (VPG) model allows your organization or institution unrestricted grid access to the computing capacity within your enterprise or labs, but without having to stand up and administer an onsite Frontier Grid Server.

Outsourced Server

A Virtual Private Grid lets you use your resources with our grid server. This low-cost, hybrid solution offers you unlimited access to your organization's excess computing capacity, without having to purchase a Frontier Enterprise license.

Run Frontier on Your Virtualized Cloud Servers

Virtualized Infrastructure

Add or remove Frontier Compute Engines; clone hundreds of Virtual Appliances; provide your users with a novel computation service without impacting day-to-day production operations.

Both the Frontier Grid Server and Frontier Compute Engine can be installed as VMware or Xen Hypervisor compatible Virtual Appliances, allowing you to easily deploy a grid computing service across a virtualized datacenter.

Virtualized Infrastructure

The Frontier Virtual Appliance provides Grid Services on your Cloud Infrastructure. And, because Frontier can be configured to run as a low-priority, background process, it can run concurrently on cloud infrastructure without affecting cloud provisioning requests.

The Frontier Grid Platform

The Frontier Grid Platform is a software solution that aggregates computational capacity of existing IT resources and delivers it as a flexible and scalable utility. It is highly secure, OS-agnostic, unobtrusive and comes with a rich set of development tools to facilitate the rapid development of grid and cloud applications.

Frontier can be deployed internally, harnessing the excess computing power of an organization's existing enterprise assets; it can also be deployed across a virtualized data center, providing a complementary high-performance computing service for cloud computing infrastructures. Additionally, customers can tap into the power of the Parabon Computation Grid, the company's online utility HPC service.

No matter where it is deployed, Frontier takes fullest advantage of whatever computer resources are available. It can be configured to run on both dedicated and non-dedicated computers (i.e., those primarily serving another purpose, such as laptops and desktops). Dedicated hardware is ideal for hosting Frontier-managed cloud services, whereas any computer, dedicated or otherwise, can participate in the execution of a Frontier grid job that spans potentially thousands of computers. The Frontier grid infrastructure is made up of several different software components and provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) layer, accessible from any browser through the Frontier Dashboard.

Features of Frontier

New! Integrated Virtual Machine (VM) Management

Frontier 5 allows users to programmatically launch grid jobs or instantiate cloud services to auto-provisioned VMs. By off-loading the management of VM provisioning to the Frontier Server, users can freely scale their grid jobs to run on thousands of virtual machines at a time. In addition, Frontier allows long-running cloud services to automatically grow or shrink, without human intervention.

New! Multi OS and Cloud Support

Install the Frontier Compute Engine natively on all major operating systems or as a VMware vSphere or Citrix XenServer compatible virtual appliance. Great for grid-enabling your cloud infrastructure without impacting other mission-critical operations.

New! Engine Content API

Want your application to display task-specific content on the Frontier Compute Engine? Use the new Engine Content API to bring your projects to life. Perfect for volunteer computing projects.

Fast, Easy Deployment

Deploy a fully functional Frontier Grid in your enterprise in just 15 minutes. Watch the video. The Frontier Grid Server comes packaged as a VMware vSphere or Citrix XenServer compatible virtual appliance for turnkey grid installations.

Rock-Solid Security

Designed to run over the public Internet, Frontier was engineered to be secure from the ground up, to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability for providers and tasks.


Frontier supports Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-Service layers: