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Classes in with type parameters of type IslandInfo
 class AbstractIslandExchangeServer<D extends IslandInfo>
          Base class for island exchange servers.

Subclasses of IslandInfo in
static class IslandExchangeServer.IslandExchangeIslandInfo
          A class indicating all the information the server knows about a given island, including its mod, size, offset, and all the migrating islands it hooks to, etc.

Methods in that return IslandInfo
protected  IslandInfo IslandExchangeServer.setupIslandInfo(EvolutionState state, Parameter localBase, Parameter islandBase)
          Populates ECJ island info.

Methods in with parameters of type IslandInfo
protected  void AbstractIslandExchangeServer.setupStandardIslandInfo(EvolutionState state, Parameter localBase, IslandInfo ieii)
          Populates island info from parameter database