Capacity Market

Welcome to the supply side of the equation.

Parabon powers its Frontier Grid Service with capacity purchased from institutional providers and those contract transactions begin right here. We periodically post solicitations for specific lots of capacity. After quotes are collected, we select the best offer, with preference given to low prices (obviously), order of receipt and prior provider history. Eventually we may contract with individual providers, but for efficiency reasons we now enter capacity contracts only with organizations able to provide 50 C or more of capacity - typically universities (e.g., computer labs or underutilized clusters) or private businesses (enterprise networks of desktops, for example).

For institutional providers interested in profiting from their organization's excess capacity the process is simple:

Register your organization

Register with the Parabon Capacity Market to ensure that you receive notice of quote solicitations and are positioned to act on such when they are posted.

Establish an estimated capacity rating

Install and run a Frontier Compute Engine on a computer representative of those you plan to employ, so that its capacity is known in advance. This will allow us to extrapolate and provide an informed capacity quote in response to a solicitation, confident that your organization can fulfill its requirements.

Download Frontier Compute Engine

Respond to a capacity solicitation

Make your best offer and await notification of whether your quote has been accepted. Decisions are usually reached within one week of solicitation announcements.

Below is a typical solicitation for reserve capacity. Solicitations for flex capacity are similar, but contract requirements are less stringent.

Parabon is now accepting quotes for 500 C of reserved capacity during the time periods 1400-2030 UTC Mon-Fri for a term of 6 months. We will consider smaller lots (50 C minimum) and shorter duration (3 month minimum) contracts. A reserve bid price has been established for this transaction. Qualified providers with offers at or under the reserve bid price will be accepted for consideration in the order in which they are received.

Register today to start earning money on an otherwise wasted resource.

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