About Us

Parabon is the most experienced computational grid company in the marketplace.

Parabon, a veteran provider of enterprise computing software and professional services, delivers affordable, extreme-scale, distributed computing solutions to a wide variety of commercial, academic, and government customers, including such security-focused organizations as the US Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Community.

A year after its 1999 founding, the company launched its flagship product, the Frontier® Enterprise Computing Platform — a turnkey, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that aggregates computing capacity from existing IT resources within an enterprise to rapidly stand up secure, high-performance virtual computing environments.

Parabon also offers customers on-demand capacity via the company's pay-as-you-go online utility computing service, the Parabon Computation Grid.

With over a decade of development and constantly expanding solution sets, Parabon has hard won expertise and a depth of understanding about enterprise computing not easily found elsewhere in the marketplace.

Our enterprise computing solution is comprised of platforms, tools, and services, all designed to aggregate computational capacity and deliver it as a utility commodity.

The same software that powers the largest and longest continuously running public grid in the country, the Parabon Computation Grid, can be deployed completely within your organization — our Frontier Enterprise solution.

In addition to the enterprise computing platform and related applications Parabon has 12 years of positive past performance developing grid and cloud computing solutions to solve data-heavy and compute-intensive problems for commercial, academic and government customers. Our work typically involves solving seemingly intractable problems in domains as varied as evolutionary computation, decryption, psychometric profiling, genomic sequence comparison, data mining, photorealistic rendering and sequence optimization for self-assembling DNA nanostructures, just to name a few.

Parabon holds two patents for grid computing technologies and its products have been produced exclusively in the United States by US citizens.

Parabon at a glance:

  • Founded in 1999.
  • Launched Frontier® in 2000, making it the first commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) grid solution.
  • Operates the only brokered, online high-performance computation service.
  • Most experienced commercial computational grid company in the marketplace.
  • Positive track record of delivering quality products and services on time and on budget.
  • Privately held, US owned and operated.
  • Its software products have been produced exclusively in the United States by US citizens.
  • Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, U.S.

Capabilities Statement

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