Frontier 5 Webcast

Learn how Integrated VM Management
Takes Virtualization to the Extreme

In addition to the security, reliability, and ease-of-use provided by Parabon's industry-leading Frontier Grid Platform, Frontier 5's new Integrated VM Management enables programmatic provisioning of virtual machines across the grid, allowing you to power new classes of data-heavy, compute-intensive, and distributed command and control applications — either by harnessing the computing capacity of enterprise resources you already own, or as a "pay as you go" utility HPC service that we provide online.

Frontier5 Webcast

Learn about Frontier's new features

  • Integrated Virtual Machine (VM) Management

    Frontier 5 allows the grid server to programmatically provision entire operating system (OS) images to simultaneously host cloud services and launch grid jobs across your existing enterprise infrastructure.

  • Multi OS and Cloud Support

    By encapsulating third-party library and application dependencies, Frontier tasks execute in a reliable, well-tested environment, independent of the underlying physical operating system. Run high-performance Linux-based codes on ordinary Windows or Mac workstations — or as VMware vSphere or Citrix XenServer compatible virtual appliances.

  • Engine Content API

    Want your application to display task-specific content on the Frontier Compute Engine? Use the new Engine Content API to bring your projects to life. Perfect for volunteer computing projects.

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Understand the benefits of the Frontier Grid Platform

  • Dramatically Reduced Processing Times

    By aggregating computational capacity across potentially thousands of computers, Frontier can reduce the processing time of large workflows by several orders of magnitude.

  • Ability to Tackle Problems Previously Considered Intractable

    With its easy access to powerful, on-demand computation, Frontier enables users to "think big," and solve problems never before thought possible.

  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI) — Reduced Hardware Expense

    Frontier creates a utility computing service using the existing computational capacity of your enterprise, so you don't have to buy new hardware.

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Frontier 5 marks a significant milestone in distributed computing, taking virtualization to the extreme. By integrating grid and cloud computing technologies, Parabon's software solution allows customers to get the most out of their existing infrastructure, enabling every computer in the enterprise — from laptops to Linux clusters — to dynamically execute multiple jobs and services rather than being limited to a single dedicated function. With Frontier 5, the enterprise becomes a massive virtualized data center!