Frontier 4 

Extreme-Scale Computation on Demand®
has never been easier!

Browser-Based Extreme-Scale Computing Across All Major Platforms

Whether applied to modeling and simulation, optimization or other complex algorithms, the scalability and price-performance advantages made possible with Frontier enable users to accelerate the throughput of existing applications or perform groundbreaking calculations at a depth heretofore not considered possible.

Frontier 4 Features

  • Frontier Dashboard: A rich and intuitive browser-based portal, built with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Ext JS components, that provides a unified interface for account management and job monitoring.
  • Frontier App Store: Allows developers to create Grid Software-as-a-Service (GSaaS) "storefronts" through which grid applications and services can be published, discovered and used.
  • Frontier Compute Engine: Provides a consistent browser interface across all major operating systems, including Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
  • Frontier Enterprise Edition: All components ship as VMware virtual appliances (".ovf" files) for easy import into ESX 3, the market leading hypervisor for virtualized data centers.
  • Frontier JumpStart: Provides an Application Generator that enables developers to create and deploy sample Frontier Dashboard applications in minutes.

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Who Uses Frontier? (Widget)

Who Uses Frontier?

Grid Computing for Scientists & Researchers

"Frontier speeds discovery. Simulations finish in hours versus months, transforming the way we conduct research."

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Grid Computing for ISVs & Developers

"Getting my application to run on Frontier was easy! Frontier's computational power differentiates my products in the market."

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Grid Computing for Systems Integrators

"Frontier is a proven COTS solution. It's secure, easy to deploy and requires little administration."

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Grid Computing for Government Agencies

"Frontier Enterprise increased our HPC capability without impacting the power, space, and cooling issues in our data center."

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

"Frontier greatly improved the ROI of our existing IT infrastructure. It's a smart and cost-effective choice."

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See for yourself how Frontier has been used in a wide variety of domains. Check out our Case Studies.