Parabon Cybersecurity Suite
Extreme-Scale Challenges Require
Extreme-Scale Solutions

In a world increasingly dependent on networked resources — for everything from e-commerce to net-centric military operations — the need for strong cybersecurity has never been greater. While some precautionary measures require as little effort as changing passwords, the biggest cyber risks require solutions that can scale to meet them. Extreme-scale challenges require extreme-scale solutions.

That's why we've introduced the Parabon Cybersecurity Suite: a collection of grid-powered applications designed to target some of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity.

Parabon Blitz Distributed Testing Service

First to be released is the Parabon Blitz Distributed Testing Service. Unlike stand-alone testing applications, which can only generate single streams of test packets, Parabon Blitz generates distributed network traffic from potentially thousands of different computers on any Frontier grid. If you're serious about testing at scale, learn more about Blitz.

Two additional cybersecurity applications are scheduled to be added to our Cybersecurity Suite.  Check back with us soon to learn more about our new Frontier Grid Powered Cybersecurity Suite applications.

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Who Uses Frontier?

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