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Uses of TaskContext in com.parabon.client

Subinterfaces of TaskContext in com.parabon.client
 interface SerializableTaskContext

Classes in com.parabon.client that implement TaskContext
 class SerializableTaskContextProxy
          Allows a task to hold a virtual reference to a SerializableTaskContext which is modified during serialization to use the active task context during task execution.
static class SerializableTaskContextProxy.Placeholder
          Used internally by SerializableTaskContextProxy; should not be referenced used directly by applications.
 class SerializableTaskWrapper
          This class should not be used directly; instead, use SerializableTaskAdapter

Methods in com.parabon.client with parameters of type TaskContext
 DataBuffer context, DataBuffer parameters)

Uses of TaskContext in com.parabon.runtime

Methods in com.parabon.runtime with parameters of type TaskContext
 DataBuffer context, DataBuffer parameters)
          Execute the task normally, either initially or from a checkpoint.