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Packages that use TaskEventListener

Uses of TaskEventListener in com.parabon.client

Subinterfaces of TaskEventListener in com.parabon.client
 interface TaskCheckpointListener
          Listener for task checkpoint events.
 interface TaskExceptionListener
          Listener for task exception events.
 interface TaskIntermediateResultListener
          Listener for task intermediate result events.
 interface TaskProgressListener
          Listener for task progress events.
 interface TaskResultListener
          Listener for task result events.
 interface UniversalTaskListener
          Listener for all task events.

Fields in com.parabon.client with type parameters of type TaskEventListener
protected  java.util.List<TaskEventListener> SessionManager.tempListenerList

Methods in com.parabon.client that return types with arguments of type TaskEventListener
protected  java.util.List<TaskEventListener> Job.getListeners()
protected  java.util.List<TaskEventListener> Job.getListeners(boolean create)

Methods in com.parabon.client with parameters of type TaskEventListener
 void Job.addListener(TaskEventListener listener)
          Add a listener to the job.
 void TaskProxy.addListener(TaskEventListener listener)
          Add a listener to the task.
 void Job.removeListener(TaskEventListener listener)
          Remove a listener from the job.
 void TaskProxy.removeListener(TaskEventListener listener)
          Remove a given listener from a task's listener list, if it exists.

Method parameters in com.parabon.client with type arguments of type TaskEventListener
protected  void SessionManager.notifyTaskEventListeners(TaskEvent event, java.util.List<TaskEventListener> listeners)
          Notify listeners of task events