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Subinterfaces of TaskEvent in com.parabon.client
 interface TaskCheckpointEvent
          A TaskCheckpointEvent is generated when a task logs a checkpoint.
 interface TaskExceptionEvent
          A TaskExceptionEvent is generated when execution of a task completes in an exceptional state, either caused by the task itself throwing a user (non-system) exception, or by an external condition such as a malformed task specification or resource limitation preventing the successful completion of a task which the system is unable to mitigate by relaunching a task.
 interface TaskIntermediateResultEvent
          A TaskIntermediateResultEvent is generated is when a task posts intermediate results.
 interface TaskProgressEvent
          A TaskProgressEvent is generated when task progress changes or possibly when other events occur -- that is, the receipt of a TaskProgressEvent does not guarantee that progress has changed or even that progress is available, and moreover no guarantees are made that a TaskProgressEvent will be received even when progress does change.
 interface TaskResultEvent
          A TaskResultEvent is generated is when a task completes without throwing an exception.

Methods in com.parabon.client with parameters of type TaskEvent
protected  void RuntimeResult.deserializeResults(TaskEvent event, stream)
          Deserialize the TaskResultEvent and populate this object.
 void UniversalTaskListener.eventReceived(TaskEvent event)
          Called when any TaskEvent is generated, whether it contains results, an exception, intermediate results, progress, a checkpoint, or none of these pieces of information.
protected  void SessionManager.notifyTaskEventListeners(TaskEvent event, java.util.List<TaskEventListener> listeners)
          Notify listeners of task events
protected  void Job.notifyTaskEventOccurred(TaskEvent event)