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Packages that use SerializableTaskContext

Uses of SerializableTaskContext in com.parabon.client

Classes in com.parabon.client that implement SerializableTaskContext
 class SerializableTaskContextProxy
          Allows a task to hold a virtual reference to a SerializableTaskContext which is modified during serialization to use the active task context during task execution.
static class SerializableTaskContextProxy.Placeholder
          Used internally by SerializableTaskContextProxy; should not be referenced used directly by applications.
 class SerializableTaskWrapper
          This class should not be used directly; instead, use SerializableTaskAdapter

Methods in com.parabon.client with parameters of type SerializableTaskContext context)
          Execute the task normally, either initially or from a checkpoint.

Constructors in com.parabon.client with parameters of type SerializableTaskContext
SerializableTaskContextProxy(SerializableTaskContext context)
          Construct a new SerializableTaskContextProxy during task execution which points to an existing SerializableTaskContext.