Uses of Interface

Packages that use Group
ec.multiobjective.spea2 Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm implementation. 

Uses of Group in ec

Classes in ec that implement Group
 class Population
          A Population is the repository for all the Individuals being bred or evaluated in the evolutionary run at a given time.
 class Subpopulation
          Subpopulation is a group which is basically an array of Individuals.

Methods in ec that return Group
 Group Group.emptyClone()
          Returns a copy of the object just as it had been immediately after Setup was called on it (or on an ancestor object).
 Group Population.emptyClone()
          Returns an instance of Population just like it had been before it was populated with individuals.
 Group Subpopulation.emptyClone()
          Returns an instance of Subpopulation just like it had been before it was populated with individuals.

Uses of Group in ec.multiobjective.spea2

Classes in ec.multiobjective.spea2 that implement Group
 class SPEA2Subpopulation
          SPEA2Subpopulation is a simple subclass of Subpopulation which adds the archiveSize field.

Uses of Group in ec.pso

Classes in ec.pso that implement Group
 class PSOSubpopulation


Uses of Group in ec.spatial

Classes in ec.spatial that implement Group
 class Spatial1DSubpopulation
          A Spatial1DSubpopulation is an EC subpopulation that is additionally embedded into a one-dimmensional space.